South London Community Music is a voluntary self managed organisation, and membership of its ensembles is open to all those with competence in musical performance, the level of which is reviewed from time to time, regardless of gender, ethnic origin, physical disability, sexual orientation, age or religion.

This Equal Opportunities Policy lies within the overall purposes of South London Community Music, which are:

The promotion of public education in and appreciation of music by preparation for and presentation of public concerts and by such means as South London Community Music shall from time to time determine.

The aim of the Policy is to ensure that all aspects of the organisation are anti-discriminatory and to take positive action to redress inequalities within employment practices, membership, provision of our services and committee representation.

Committee members, supporters, donors, performers and audiences need to be aware of and support the philosophy of equality of opportunities.


To ensure that the organisation is open to a diversity of cultural/racial background, gender and sexual orientation in its structure.

To ensure that performers and audience members with a physical disabilities are not excluded from taking part in the locations where we rehearse or give concerts.

To avoid attitudes or actions which might discriminate against people of any ethnic origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability or creed.

To use clear criteria and objective judgements about the minimum musical ability acceptable in recruiting or retiring players.


Consulting relevant organisations on to how to make the objective of equality of opportunity effective.

Operating a programme of school and community events.

Developing a programme of events which are of interest to people with wide musical tastes and to advertise in a non exclusive way and to offer concerts to people who might not otherwise have an opportunity to hear live music either because of infirmity or cultural background.

Building up a list for workshops, concerts and recruitment of performers which includes organisations working for people with disabilities and from all ethnic backgrounds.

Organising “open rehearsals” advertised widely in public places and through ethnic groups and networks.

Performing for disabled or other disadvantaged groups, and our supporting appropriate charities.

Advertising events in community locations such as music shops, libraries, leisure outlets, places of worship, and schools.

Placing adverts for any paid position with the organisation in journals and newspapers.

Challenging actions or attitudes which seek to undermine this policy, and taking appropriate action if required.

Setting subscriptions as low as possible, with special arrangements made for people with financial constraints.

Considering equal opportunities issues when seeking funds.

Committees will review and examine their informal decision making processes to ensure they are inclusive.

Committees will distribute this policy to all performing members and signify our intention to include everyone in the implementation of the Policy.


All members, current and new, will be asked to complete an equal opportunities monitoring form. We will develop/amend this policy in the light of our monitoring.

Committees will review the location of concerts and other events once each year, and decide on the desirability or otherwise of the venues chosen or accepted by the ensembles, with reference to accessibility to the community.

The Committees will review the publicity materials used, designs, text and graphics and seek advice to ensure that it does not use wording or images which fail to reflect the diversity of society, or is in any way ageist, sexist or discriminating against people with disabilities.

Management Committee Structure

Committee membership will continue to be based on open nomination and voting as at present, with such use made of co-option powers as stated above.